Training courses are conducted on a regular basis to ensure we have a team of competitive Sales and Operations professionals. The various aspects covered under these trainings are as follows:

  • Systems and Services Trainings to aid Sales, Engineering and Service personnel with the technical knowledge of GetMEP Solutions Private Limited offerings
  • Design Trainings which enable Engineers to design the systems in line with prevalent standards
  • Installation Trainings to ensure the systems are installed in line with the design
  • Maintenance Trainings that ensure the systems are maintained in line with established standards and manufacturer’s guidelines

Each training course is supported with up-to-date PowerPoint presentations, videos of actual fire incidents, training manuals, demo units, and manufacturer’s software design packages. The successful completion of any training course is recorded by an internal attendance sheet and Training Certificates are issued to the attendees.

The training courses involve both theoretical as well as practical hands-on training and cover the full range of detection, protection, security and telecoms systems, as well as training on the latest international design standards.