About our Work


Project Manager

 A Project Manager is appointed who has full responsibility for all activities from the time of order award through to installation, commissioning at site and to the end of the guarantee period.


 Our choice and appointment of subcontractors is subject to the client’s agreement. GetMEP Solutions Private Limited ensures that the appointed Subcontractor meets the requirements of the contract in terms of program of work, Inspection & Test Plan and Purchase Order requirements.


Where appropriate and practical, project personnel shall interface with the Estimating personnel to establish awareness of the scope of work. Project personnel shall ensure to report back to the concerned departments about problems with existing procedures on current projects and in previous projects. This will provide an important feedback loop for project planning and additionally help to ensure that all parties concerned are committed to the scope of work awarded. GetMEP Solutions Private Limited uses MS Project, MS Office and CAD Viewer software’s to carry out its Planning processes and procedures.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

A logical progression of the processes involved during contract execution is presented in a Quality Plan. GetMEP Solutions Private Limited develops project-specific Quality Plans based on the contract specifications and requirements, which enable the team to monitor engineering, procurement and manufacturing activities.



 GetMEP Solutions Private Limited has the capability to use client requirements and specifications as a basis to carry out full design and produce detailed working drawings using the latest computer-aided design software.


Dedicated teams of Service Engineers support GetMEP Solutions Private Limited customer-base to offer electrical, mechanical, preventative and reactive maintenance throughout all market sectors.

Service Teams provide routine planned maintenance and urgent repairs. We also specialize in providing teams of Engineers who are able to carry out modifications or extensions to existing systems at short notice.

Formal maintenance contracts are tailored to meet individual needs that may range from an annual service visit to permanently-manned sites. Service agreements cover all types of fixed Fire Protection and Detection Systems including Hand Extinguishers and Hose Reels.

GetMEP Solutions Private Limited also offers Maintenance and Support Services to varied Industries across all market sectors, as we believe we can offer a service for multiple brands of systems from a single source, whereas the End-User would usually engage multiple vendors to complete the necessary service and support on a typical site.


Performance of planned preventive maintenance service in line with Manufacturer’s recommendations, NBC and NFPA standard inclusive of :

  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual testing, service and inspection
  • Full-time site management
  • System service and inspection Emergency call-out
  • Modifications and extensions
  • Refilling of portable Fire Extinguishers as well as Gas-based Fire Suppression Systems Training services for all systems under our solutions and services portfolio
  • Spares and Refurbishment Calibration

GetMEP Solutions Private Limited  currently service, maintain & installations, carrying out works on Fire & Gas, PA/VA, Security Systems, Fixed Extinguishing, Sprinklers and Analysers. These services are currently provided to the key clients


GetMEP Solutions Private Limited is committed to safeguard the key interests of our customers from fundamental to the exceptional services we deliver. This has enabled us to achieve the following at all work sites :

  • Zero Accidents at Site
  • Immaculate Quality Work
  • Greatly Appreciated for Safety
  • High Consciousness Regarding Environmental Friendly Procedures
  • Top Most Priority For Health of Personnel

The scope of QHSE for GetMEP Solutions Private Limited Integrated Management System applies to the following services which we offer to our valued customers: Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of Fire Detection and Protection, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Safety & Security, and Instrumentation Systems.

Our commitment to safeguarding the key interests of our customers is fundamental to the exceptional service we deliver. As we consistently give value to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, GetMEP Solutions Private Limited has received HSE accolades and recognitions over the years and continues to be vigilant towards creating a safer workplace for all.

Work images

Grinding Before Welding
V Groove Preparation
Anchor Support for Pipe
Scaffold Ladder & Safety Equipment for Height Work
Anchor Support for Pipe
Scaffold Ladder & Safety Equipment for Height Work
Anchor Support for Pipe
Channel & U Bolt Support / Even Gap between Pipes
Hydrant Testing
Sprinker Bursting
Slab Conduiting
Condenser Line
Chiller Line
Pump Room